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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Global Expansion of FedNow Cash IP Pool Licensing Program Sparks Rapid Growth in P2P and CBDC App Development Globally

The FedNow Cash Consortium, a leading global organization dedicated to advancing peer-to-peer (P2P) and central bank digital currency (CBDC) applications, has announced the launch of the FedNow Cash IP Pool Licensing Program. This groundbreaking program offers a comprehensive suite of assets and resources to support the growth of global-reaching P2P and CBDC applications and projects, empowering FinTech developers worldwide to create cutting-edge financial solutions.

As digital currencies and payment systems continue to revolutionize the financial landscape, the FedNow Cash IP Pool Licensing Program represents an essential catalyst for innovation and collaboration. The program includes a wide range of resources, such as software, cloud web services, U.S. registered copyrights, patents, regional product brand partnerships, and technical know-how and consultant services. These resources are designed to help FinTech developers overcome challenges and develop groundbreaking P2P and CBDC applications.

The FedNow Cash Consortium is inviting global FinTech developers and companies specializing in P2P and CBDC applications to inquire about joining the consortium. Members will gain access to the wealth of resources provided by the program, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with a growing network of like-minded developers and organizations committed to advancing the adoption of digital currencies worldwide.

By leveraging the FedNow Cash IP Pool Licensing Program, developers and organizations can more effectively navigate the complex landscape of regulatory requirements, interoperability challenges, and security concerns. This comprehensive support system will ultimately contribute to the development of more efficient, secure, and accessible financial solutions for people around the world.

The FedNow Cash Consortium is a global organization committed to fostering innovation and collaboration in the development of P2P and CBDC applications. The consortium brings together FinTech developers, financial institutions, and regulatory authorities to promote the widespread adoption of digital currencies, drive financial inclusion, and improve the efficiency and security of global payment systems.

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