Grydd Introduces Innovative AI Supply Chain & Logistics System

Grydd, a leading provider of AI-powered supply chain and logistics software, has announced major upgrades to their innovative ecosystem that will revolutionize the way goods move globally. The new suite of AI applications, including Demand Planning AI, Route Prediction AI, Cargo Optimization AI, Sustainability AI, and Collaboration Hub AI, promise unprecedented visibility and control for users.

The Demand Planning AI utilizes historical sales trends and external factors to generate highly accurate 30-90 day demand forecasts, while the Route Prediction AI evaluates complex variables to propose the fastest and lowest cost routes for each load based on real-time conditions. The Cargo Optimization AI maximizes truck capacity and container utilization to reduce waste across all modes of transport, and the Sustainability AI provides carbon impact estimates and alternative “green routes” to help organizations lower emissions in line with ESG goals.

Additionally, the Collaboration Hub AI enables partners in the extended supply chain to leverage shared intelligence to collaboratively solve issues, replan as needed, and track performance metrics on a single dashboard. Grydd CEO & Founder Dan Acosta expressed excitement about the potential impact of these new solutions on supply chain planning and operations globally.

Grydd AI sets a new standard in the industry by offering an intelligent supply chain OS that blends agent-based learning with deep neural networks. This shared architecture allows customers to coordinate every element of planning, execution, and performance tracking across complex global logistics ecosystems on a single platform.

Grydd Inc. is on a mission to create the most interactive and AI-enabled integrated supply chain and logistics software. The company’s AI technology connects all processes, systems, and people through technology as an extension of human behavior. Grydd enables better data visibility and improves decision-making processes by tracking and tracing ocean, air, and land transactions.

With Grydd AI’s latest advancements in supply chain orchestration and visibility, companies can now achieve unprecedented control and sustainability in their global logistics operations. Visit http://www.grydd.com to learn more about Grydd and their innovative AI-powered solutions.

(Source: Cobbler, Inc.)

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