Huawei unveils Smart Telecom Power Solutions

The 8th Global ICT Energy Efficiency Summit, with the theme “Green Site, Building a Brighter Future,” showcased Huawei Digital Power’s All-Scenario Smart Telecom Power Solutions in Bangkok, Thailand on May 9. This innovative solution aims to provide operators with a streamlined, modular power system that combines intelligent features with green energy technologies.

Traditional power systems often require multiple devices to expand capacity. However, Huawei’s Smart Power solution utilizes a modular design that supports on-demand configuration and elastic capacity expansion with just one set of devices. This results in a high-density power system with only 50% of the volume of traditional systems, making deployment more efficient. The system also supports multi-energy inputs and multiple outputs, enhancing compatibility and applicability for operators. By implementing Huawei Smart Power, operators can develop diversified services with an ICT converged power supply at their sites.

The intelligent features of Huawei’s Smart Power solution include the use of intelligent circuit breakers that can be customized through software. Users can define the capacity, label, usage, and group of circuit breakers, enabling personalized power management at sites. Additional functions such as power usage authorization, intelligent metering, backup slicing, and remote battery testing are supported, improving the flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency of power management compared to traditional systems.

In terms of sustainability, Huawei’s Smart Power solution boasts a high rectifier efficiency of up to 98%. It also supports various power usage configurations including grid-battery, genset-battery, and PV-battery hybrids, enabling operators to save electricity, reduce reliance on gensets, and increase green power ratios. The solution also facilitates load-level carbon emission analysis and management, accelerating the construction of low-carbon networks.

The commitment of Huawei Site Power Facility to green ICT energy technologies is evident in their efforts to help operators build environmentally friendly and energy-efficient networks. By leveraging the All-Scenario Smart Telecom Power Solutions, operators can achieve energy transformation and contribute to a brighter, greener future.

For more information about Huawei’s Smart Power solutions, please visit: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/2410343/Huawei_All_Scenario_Smart_Telecom_Power_Solutions.jpg?p=publish.

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