Huawei’s New Smart Energy Solutions for Telecom

The 8th Global ICT Energy Efficiency Summit in Bangkok showcased Huawei Digital Power’s intelligent universal energy solutions for telecommunications. The Huawei All-Scenario Smart Telecom Power Solutions aim to revolutionize traditional power systems by offering a modular design with on-demand configuration and flexible capacity expansion. This system features a high density with only 50% of the volume compared to traditional power systems, making it easy to deploy and supporting multi-energy inputs and multiple outputs.

The smart aspects of this system include smart circuit breakers that users can define and manage through software. This solution also supports features such as power usage authorization, smart metering, backup segmentation, and remote battery testing, significantly improving the flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency of site power management.

In line with the theme “Green Site, Building a Brighter Future”, Huawei’s Site Power Facility Domain is committed to providing green energy technologies and ICT solutions for operators to build eco-friendly and low-carbon networks. The All-Scenario Smart Telecom Power Solutions boast a rectifier efficiency of up to 98% and support various hybrid power supply options, including grid-battery, power plant-battery, and photovoltaic-battery systems. This helps to save electricity, increase the ratio of green energy, and enhance reliability while reducing carbon emissions at the load level to accelerate the construction of low-carbon networks.

Overall, Huawei’s innovative approach to site power management offers operators a comprehensive and intelligent solution that aligns with the current trend towards sustainability and energy efficiency in the ICT sector. With its focus on green technologies and customizable features, this system not only meets the unique requirements of operators but also contributes to the development of energy-efficient networks for a brighter future.

For further information and visuals, please visit: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/2410343/Huawei_All_Scenario_Smart_Telecom_Power_Solutions.jpg.

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