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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

IDEMIA Restructures for Faster Growth, Customer Focus

IDEMIA Group, a global leader in providing simple and secure solutions in payment, connectivity, access, travel and public safety, has announced the creation of three Divisions that closely cater to specific market sectors to drive future growth and deliver value. The appointment of Philippe Oliva, Matthew Cole, and Antoine Grenier as Heads of each Division reflects the company’s commitment to the security of consumers and citizens. Philippe Oliva is the Head of IDEMIA Secure Transactions (IST), Matthew Cole leads IDEMIA Public Security (IPS), and Antoine Grenier oversees IDEMIA Smart Identity (ISI). Pierre Barrial continues as President & CEO of IDEMIA Group.

The changes came into effect from January 2nd, 2024. IDEMIA’s robust financial performance over the years, with significant growth in revenue and profitability, has led to a desire to streamline operations and enhance customer-centricity.

IDEMIA Secure Transactions (IST), a market leader in payment and connectivity solutions, with global expertise in cryptography, is set to advance with Philippe Oliva at its helm. Oliva’s vision for the division is to provide ultra-secure products, including advanced payment and mobile payment solutions, 5G technology, and eco-friendly processes meeting various industry demands globally.

Furthermore, the IDEMIA Public Security Division (IPS) is committed to revolutionizing biometric solutions essential for public security, identity verification, travel, and access control. Matthew Cole’s extensive leadership in this area signifies an unwavering drive to deliver the most advanced solutions in public safety.

The IDEMIA Smart Identity Division (ISI) aims to provide secure digital and physical identity solutions to nations worldwide. Antoine Grenier, as the new Head of ISI, is eager to lead the division and provide robust and secure digital identity solutions that cater to the needs of governing bodies and individuals.

IDEMIA Group’s distinguished track record and alliances with various global organizations make the company a trusted partner in the industry. With over 600 governments and 2,400 enterprises globally relying on IDEMIA Group, their reputation for driving excellence and innovation remains unchallenged.

For more information about IDEMIA Group and its mission to make the world safer, visit their website at and follow @IDEMIAGroup.

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