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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Idris Elba Launches Gray Goose® Altius Vodka at Ibiza Party

Idris Elba, renowned actor and DJ, recently celebrated the launch of the new luxury vodka, GRAY GOOSE Altius, with a star-studded party in Ibiza. The exclusive event featured sets from top DJs, panoramic views of Ibiza’s natural beauty, and the opportunity for guests to be among the first to sample the new vodka. Elba expressed his dedication to perfection and craftsmanship in both his music and the creation of GRAY GOOSE Altius, emphasizing the attention to detail in every drop.

GRAY GOOSE Altius is a limited release hand-bottled vodka inspired by the natural wonders of the French Alps. Made with water sourced from a French Alpine well and filtered thirty times slower than the original GRAY GOOSE, this new vodka captures the essence of high altitude temperatures to produce a remarkably smooth taste. Designed for sipping in a sophisticated manner, GRAY GOOSE Altius will be available exclusively in select bars, nightclubs, and restaurants, starting in summer hot spots in Europe and expanding to London, Paris, and the United States in the fall.

The innovative process behind GRAY GOOSE Altius involves blending soft French winter wheat with spring water from the highest peaks in the French Alps, resulting in a complex flavor profile with green apple notes and an earthy undertone. The water used in this vodka originates from peaks in Europe west, flowing through crystalline rocks to a pure aquifer before being filtered at sub-zero temperatures to achieve a smooth, glacial taste. Every bottle of GRAY GOOSE is crafted with the highest quality ingredients, including single-origin Picardy wheat and spring water from a natural limestone well in Gensac-la-Pallue, ensuring unparalleled quality and exceptional taste.

The GRAY GOOSE brand, a part of Bacardi Limited, continues to uphold its commitment to excellence through a traceable production process and an unchanged recipe that highlights the true essence of its ingredients. The portfolio of GRAY GOOSE Vodka includes a variety of flavored options, in addition to the latest addition, GRAY GOOSE Altius. For more information on GRAY GOOSE Altius and to view high-resolution images from the launch event, please visit the press release link provided. Celebrate craftsmanship, refinement, and natural wonders with the new GRAY GOOSE Altius vodka.

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