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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

iGrad Partners with Coastal Community Credit Union to Provide Customized Financial Wellness Program

Canada’s Coastal Community Credit Union (CCCU) has recently announced an exciting new partnership with San Diego-based financial education company iGrad. Together, they are introducing myFinHealth, an innovative financial wellness platform, to the credit union’s expansive network of over 120,000 members and clients on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

The myFinHealth platform, powered by the Enrich™ financial wellness platform, offers a range of valuable features to help users improve their financial well-being. One of its standout components is the Your Money Personality™ financial behavior assessment, which provides personalized insights into each user’s financial habits and preferences. Additionally, myFinHealth offers a variety of financial education courses, localized articles, and interactive tools on topics such as budgeting, mortgages, healthcare, college savings, and more.

This launch comes at a crucial time as financial stress has reached unprecedented levels in the wake of global economic challenges. With 60 percent of employed North Americans reporting increased financial stress, CCCU President and CEO, Adrian Legin, emphasizes the importance of supporting members and clients in their financial journeys.

Legin notes, “At Coastal Community, we know that providing user-friendly, high-quality financial education helps build financial resiliency. Our aim in partnering with Enrich is to reduce financial stress by helping our members and clients develop appropriate and personalized action steps within the four financial health pillars: spending, saving, borrowing and planning. This program is a great resource for all of our members and clients, no matter where they are in their financial journey.”

Enrich’s global financial wellness program is highly regarded, with a focus on personalized solutions for users around the world. Its intuitive platform, powered by artificial intelligence, engages users with tailored content based on their individual financial situations. Notably, data from Enrich revealed significant improvements in financial wellness among its users, including increased savings for financial goals, contributions to retirement plans, emergency savings, and reduction in credit card debt.

The positive impact of improved financial wellness on overall quality of life cannot be understated. Donna Miller, iGrad vice president of business development, emphasized this by stating, “Improved financial wellness can have a major positive impact on overall quality of life. Many adults of all income levels all over the world are worried about their financial future. We are thrilled to be a key part of CCCU’s commitment to improving the financial wellness of its members.”

As a leading financial technology company, iGrad is dedicated to providing AI-powered financial wellness solutions to millions of individuals across various sectors, including education, employment, and financial institutions. Notably, iGrad’s Your Money Personality™ was recognized with the 2020 Excellence in Financial Literacy Education (EIFLE) Adults’ Education Program of the Year award and the 2022 Eddy Award for Financial Wellness by Pensions & Investments.

Overall, the partnership between CCCU and iGrad represents a significant step forward in supporting the financial well-being of its members and clients by offering a comprehensive and personalized financial wellness solution through the myFinHealth platform.

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