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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Immunofoco Biotech to Present Solid Tumor CAR-T Data at 2024 ASCO

Immunofoco Biotech, a leading company dedicated to developing cutting-edge cell therapy products for solid tumors, recently announced the acceptance of its clinical research data for two revolutionary products at the prestigious 2024 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting. The company will be presenting the latest findings from its trials for IMC001 and IMC002 during the event scheduled from May 31 to June 4, 2024.

IMC002, an autologous CLDN18.2-targeting CAR-T cell therapy, has shown exceptional safety and efficacy in the treatment of advanced solid tumors expressing CLDN18.2. The results of the clinical trial revealed promising outcomes with no dose-limiting toxicity reported, manageable cytokine release syndrome, and significant tumor specificity. Moreover, all patients exhibited stable disease and some even achieved a pathological complete response after receiving IMC002 treatment.

On the other hand, IMC001, a CAR-T cell therapy targeting EpCAM for advanced gastrointestinal cancers, demonstrated a favorable safety profile and promising efficacy results in a phase I clinical trial. Patients who underwent IMC001 infusion experienced a disease control rate of 90%, with some achieving partial responses and prolonged survival.

Dr. Tianhang Luo, the principal investigator for the trials, highlighted the remarkable cases where patients with previously unresectable gastric cancers became eligible for surgical interventions following treatment with IMC001 and IMC002. The successful infiltration of CAR-T cells into solid tumors resulting in total remission demonstrates the immense potential of this innovative therapy in treating solid tumors effectively.

Furthermore, Dr. SunFounder, Chairman, and CEO of Immunofoco Biotech expressed confidence in the significant anti-tumor effects and safety profile exhibited by IMC002 and IMC001. These encouraging results have strengthened the company’s commitment to advancing to registrational phase II clinical trials, aiming to provide innovative treatment options for cancer patients worldwide.

Immunofoco has developed innovative platforms to enhance the effectiveness of CAR-T products in targeting solid tumors, addressing the challenges in solid tumor treatment with a clinical advantage. With an extensive pipeline of products, including IMC002, IMC001, and IMC008, the company continues to spearhead the development of groundbreaking cell therapies for solid tumors.

For more information about Immunofoco and its groundbreaking cell therapy products, visit their official website at Join us in our collaborative efforts to revolutionize cancer treatment and provide enduring survival benefits for patients with solid tumors.

Source: Immunofoco.

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