Introducing SocX: SecureIQLab’s Cloud Security Platform

SecureIQLab LLC, a leading cloud security validation solutions provider, has announced the launch of SocX™, an AI-powered platform designed to revolutionize cyberattack prediction and prevention. With adaptive learning models and powerful analytics, SocX™ accelerates the process of detecting and investigating cyber-attacks, enabling proactive protection based on patterns specific to each attack stage.

According to Jay Pathak, Chief Scientist at SecureIQLab LLC, “SocX™ empowers practitioners to implement proactive pattern-based protection by extracting crucial artifacts related to ongoing cyber-attacks.” This innovative approach fills a critical gap in the cybersecurity landscape, enhancing existing security solutions.

SocX™ is not just a tool for security technology providers; it also benefits managed service providers (MSPs) by improving operational efficiency and enabling rapid innovation. Phuong Nguyen, VP of Product Security, emphasized that SocX™ offers streamlined product lifecycles, enhanced operational efficiency, and simplified deployment and validation processes, enabling security professionals to derive valuable insights in minutes.

The platform’s key features include continuous learning and validation, reducing risk exposure and enhancing overall efficiency. Security professionals can access SocX™ via a user-friendly portal, selecting specific test cases or importing their methodologies for continuous validation. By leveraging SocX™, security technology providers can innovate confidently, while MSPs can optimize operations to meet their unique requirements.

SecureIQLab will showcase SocX™ at the RSA Conference in San Francisco on May 8th at Moscone South, 2nd Floor, Terrace. Attendees are invited to learn more about the platform and its transformative capabilities in cloud security validation.

For more information about SecureIQLab and SocX™, visit their website or contact media relations at David Ellis. Don’t miss the opportunity to see how SocX™ is reshaping the future of cybersecurity with its AI-powered approach.

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In conclusion, SocX™ represents a significant advancement in cloud security validation, offering unparalleled capabilities in predicting and preventing cyber-attacks. Its adaptive learning models and powerful analytics make it a game-changer for security professionals looking to stay ahead in the evolving threat landscape. Visit SecureIQLab’s website or meet them at the RSA Conference to discover more about SocX™ and its innovative features.

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