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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Investigation of DocGo Inc. (DCGO) by The Law Offices of Frank R. Cruz on Behalf of Investors Announced

The Law Offices of Frank R. Cruz is currently conducting an investigation into DocGo Inc. on behalf of investors to determine if the company has violated federal securities laws. If you are a shareholder who has experienced financial losses due to this issue, we urge you to participate in the investigation by clicking the link provided.

The investigation stems from a report published by Fuzzy Panda Research on January 10, 2024, before the market opened. The report made several allegations against DocGo, including claims of “systematic billing fraud” through the forging of signatures.

As a magazine editor, we recognize the importance of keeping our readers informed about events that may impact their investments. The allegations against DocGo are serious and could have significant implications for the company and its shareholders.

We understand that our readers may have invested in DocGo and are concerned about the potential impact of these allegations on their investments. It is essential to stay informed and be proactive in seeking recourse if you have suffered financial losses as a result of these allegations.

In response to the investigation, DocGo has issued a statement denying the allegations made in the report. The company has emphasized its commitment to compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

As the investigation into DocGo continues, it is crucial for shareholders to be aware of their rights and options. If you have experienced financial losses related to your investment in DocGo, it is important to take action and participate in the investigation.

The outcome of this investigation could have far-reaching implications for DocGo and its shareholders. As a magazine editor, we recognize the significance of this issue and the potential impact it may have on the investment community.

We encourage shareholders who have been affected by this situation to stay informed about the progress of the investigation and to seek legal guidance if necessary. The Law Offices of Frank R. Cruz are dedicated to protecting the rights of investors and seeking accountability for any potential wrongdoing.

In conclusion, the allegations against DocGo are a matter of serious concern for investors. As a magazine editor, we are committed to providing our readers with timely and relevant information about events that may impact their investments. We urge shareholders to stay informed and take appropriate action if they have suffered financial losses related to their investment in DocGo.

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