Is Netflix’s ‘Hit Man’ Based on a True Story?

In Glen Powell’s new comedy “Hit Man,” viewers are taken on a wild and unexpected ride inspired by a true story. Powell portrays Gary Johnson, a philosophy professor who moonlights as a fake hit man for the New Orleans Police Department. As the story unfolds, Gary gets caught up in his suave alter ego, Ron, and finds himself falling for a woman who wants to hire him to kill her husband. The film takes surprising twists and turns, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats.

The movie is co-written and co-produced by Powell and director Richard Linklater, who took creative liberties with the script while staying true to the essence of the real Gary Johnson’s story. Johnson, the inspiration behind the film, was a former military policeman who worked as an undercover hit man for police departments in Houston. He would assume different personas to catch individuals seeking a hit man, ultimately leading to the arrest of those individuals.

While the film takes some artistic liberties, it is rooted in the true story of Johnson’s life. His work as a hit man for the police, his dreams of becoming a professor, and his love for classical music and gardening are all portrayed in the movie. However, the character of Madison, Gary’s love interest in the film, is a creation for the story, inspired by a real woman Johnson helped in a similar situation.

Despite the fictional elements, the film pays tribute to the real Gary Johnson at the end, showcasing his unique personality and laid-back attitude. Unfortunately, Johnson passed away before the completion of the film, but his legacy lives on through “Hit Man.” Powell, who did not have the opportunity to meet Johnson, expressed his admiration for the man and the story that inspired the movie.

“Hit Man” is a comedic look at a true story of a man who led a double life as both a professor and a fake hit man for the police. The unexpected twists and turns keep viewers entertained, while also shedding light on the complexities of Johnson’s character and the lives he impacted. With its blend of humor, drama, and suspense, “Hit Man” is a must-watch for fans of true crime-inspired comedies.

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