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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Julius T. Gbayange Named President of Abba Payments, Developer of Abba Wallet

Abba Payments Ltd., the developer of Africa’s premier mobile payment platform, Abba Wallet, has appointed Julius T. Gbayange as its new President and member of the Board of Directors. Julius brings a wealth of experience in new media culture and a strong passion for the technology industry, especially cryptocurrency technology. With a background as an International Correspondent and Editor for various prestigious magazines, Julius is dedicated to proper information dissemination and is excited to bring his expertise to Abba Payments Ltd.

“This emerging technological trends, when properly harnessed, will become the super highway out of poverty and sufferings for many deprived people and backward nations across Africa that are currently behind on the gains of the earlier technologies which influenced the development and advancement of other leading nations in the global community,” says Mr. Gbayange.

Julius’ appointment has set the stage for positive change within the Company, with a focus on improving services and making a difference in communities across Africa. His passion for driving change and advancement in service delivery aligns perfectly with the vision of Abba Payments Ltd.

According to Chairman Mr. Solomon B. Aiyedero, “Working closely with Julius, we will build the synergy, understanding that this elevation carries with it an enormous responsibility to see to the permanent, positive change of status for our friends out there and their families – the clients we are here to serve. Our goal is to change the narrative that has earned us a near permanently backward place in the global affairs.”

Abba Payments is the developer of Abba Wallet, “the super everything mobile app”, designed to bring financial solutions and services to Africa. The app allows for real-time money transfers up to $50,000 USD per transaction, as well as payments for goods, services, and financial transactions through various payment methods. The company’s goal is to make financial transactions faster, safer, and more secure across Africa.

CEO Mr. Edgar Songanga expresses the company’s excitement to work with a team of highflyers and notable individuals, and believes that the positive change is already visible on the horizon.

Abba Payments’ mobile application uses the latest encryption technologies to deliver secure, fast, and reliable transactions. As the exclusive payment platform for, the company also aims to establish itself as the payment processor of choice for e-commerce websites, mobile applications, and other commercial users across Africa.

Founded in 2022, Abba Payments Ltd. is a premier financial technology company, developing and operating a multiregional and multicurrency electronic payment system, Abba Wallet. It is a subsidiary of Los Angeles, California USA and Windhoek, Namibia-based Abba Platforms Inc. With Julius T. Gbayange at the helm, the company is set to make a significant impact in the financial technology industry across Africa.

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  1. Archibong Eso Archibong
    January 25, 2024

    I have no reservation in recommending that the successes I have achieved through Abba and abbain is directly attributable to the president and team members of Abba network of Nigeria and west African continent as a whole.

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