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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Kenya releases report on Africa’s digital economy & China-Africa cooperation

A recent report on Africa’s digital economic development index and the collaboration between China and Africa on the digital economy was unveiled in Nairobi, Kenya. The report, a joint effort between the China-Africa Economic & Trade Research Institute and Datasparkle, delves into the evolution of Africa’s digital economy and explores potential areas for cooperation in the digital space between China and African countries.

Xiao Hao, the acting secretary-general of the China-Africa Economic & Trade Research Institute and deputy dean of the School of Economics and Trade at Hunan University, highlighted the rapid progress of Africa’s digital landscape. He pointed out the existing disparities in digital technology adoption across different regions and demographics in Africa, emphasizing the significance of bridging the digital divide. Xiao also discussed China’s successful approach to digital economic growth, which focuses on infrastructure development, innovative applications, and technological advancements, offering valuable lessons for other regions looking to undergo digital transformation.

The report, which was curated by the main editorial team at Hunan University, draws data from African nations spanning from 2014 to 2023. It presents a detailed evaluation of Africa’s digital economy over time, space, and various sectors, pointing out the continent’s immense potential while acknowledging regional discrepancies and imbalances. The report also outlines comprehensive collaboration opportunities between China and Africa in digital infrastructure, applications, and technology innovation, citing notable achievements and spotlighting the China-Kenya partnership as a blueprint for future engagements.

To drive Africa’s digital economy forward, the report proposes enhancing the region’s independent development capability and focusing on tailored strategies to meet the diverse needs of African countries. It offers recommendations for strengthening cooperation, emphasizing top-level planning, expanding opportunities for collaboration, improving infrastructure, promoting digital applications, and creating an inclusive environment for digital economic development. Specific action points include upgrading infrastructure, developing smart cities, and fostering innovative technologies, particularly in collaboration with leading African nations in the digital economy.

Experts like Ma Shuzhong from China Academy of Digital Trade at Zhejiang University and Li Wentao from the Institute of African Studies at China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations have praised the report for its abundance of statistical data, real-life examples, and academic insights into the African digital economy. They believe that the report fills a crucial gap in research on China-Africa digital economic cooperation and will be instrumental in shaping future collaborations.

For more information, you can access the full report titled “Africa Digital Economy Development Index and China-Africa Digital Economy Cooperation Report” at Read the detailed coverage of the report release in Kenya at For visuals, visit Source:

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