Kodiak Sciences to Showcase at Investor and Clinical Events

Kodiak Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ: CODI) is a leading biopharmaceutical company dedicated to researching and developing innovative therapies for a wide range of retinal diseases. The company has recently announced its participation in several investor conferences where management will present updates on their clinical pipeline.

On June 6th, Kodiak will be presenting at the Jefferies Healthcare Conference in New York, followed by a presentation at the Goldman Sachs 45th Annual Global Healthcare Conference in Miami Beach on June 13th. Both presentations will be available via live webcast on the company’s website and will remain available for replay for a limited time. In addition, Kodiak will also be participating in the Clinical Trials at the Summit 2024 meeting in Park City, Utah, where presentations on their clinical pipeline will be given by key members of the team.

One of the key programs being highlighted by Kodiak is their Bispecific Anti-IL-6 Anti-VEGF Programs, including KSI-501 in Retinal Vascular Disease and KSI-101 in Macular Edema Secondary to Inflammation. These programs aim to address the unmet needs in retinal diseases by targeting multiple disease biologies for differentiated efficacy. The company’s lead investigational medicine, tarcocimab, is a novel anti-VEGF antibody biopolymer conjugate under development for the treatment of diabetic retinopathy and wet age-related macular degeneration.

Kodiak’s second investigational medicine, KSI-501, is a first-in-class anti-IL-6, VEGF-trap bispecific antibody biopolymer conjugate designed to inhibit inflammation and angiogenesis in retinal diseases. Phase 1b data for KSI-501 was presented in February 2024, and the Phase 3 DAYBREAK study is scheduled to begin actively screening patients in mid-2024. Additionally, the company is developing KSI-101, a novel anti-IL-6, VEGF-trap bispecific protein, for the treatment of retinal inflammatory diseases.

Kodiak’s unique approach involves molecular engineering through their ABC Platform™, which merges protein-based and chemistry-based therapies to create next-generation retinal medicines. The company’s pipeline includes duet and triplet inhibitors that embed small molecules and other active pharmaceutical ingredients in the biopolymer backbone to achieve targeted and tailored modulation of biological pathways.

For more information on Kodiak Sciences Inc. and their innovative approach to treating retinal diseases, visit their website at http://www.kodiak.com. Stay tuned for updates from the upcoming investor conferences where the company will be sharing the latest advancements in their clinical pipeline.

Investors and stakeholders are encouraged to visit Kodiak’s website for access to presentation slides and webcasts of the upcoming events to learn more about the company’s transformative therapeutics for retinal diseases.

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