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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Las Vegas Execs Celebrate Historic Meeting

The Las Vegas Executive Association (LVEA) gathered on Wednesday, October 11, 2023, for a morning filled with valuable insight into the rich history of Las Vegas. Bill Marion, of Purdue Marion, delivered a captivating presentation that traced the remarkable journey of Las Vegas from its humble beginnings to its current global prominence.

Marion’s presentation, which delved into the history of Las Vegas, captured the imagination of LVEA members and guests alike. Beginning with Nevada’s statehood, Marion illustrated how the confluence of money and politics was instrumental in shaping the vibrant city we know today.

Deana Linderholm, spokesperson for LVEA, expressed her awe at Marion’s presentation, stating, “Bill Marion skillfully unraveled the intricate tapestry of Las Vegas’ history, emphasizing how this city’s growth was driven by the interplay of financial interests and political decisions. It was a momentous occasion for us to gain a deeper understanding of the city that many of our members call home.”

The event was particularly notable as LVEA had the distinct honor of hosting members from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Their presence added an extra layer of significance to the morning, showcasing the association’s commitment to providing a platform for learning and networking that transcends boundaries.

LVEA is a distinguished association of executives and business leaders in the Las Vegas region, bringing together professionals to explore shared interests, foster connections, and further their collective knowledge. The Wednesday meeting demonstrated LVEA’s dedication to providing its members with extraordinary opportunities for personal and professional growth. By offering a platform for insightful presentations and fostering connections with esteemed organizations like the FBI, LVEA continues to be a cornerstone of excellence in the Las Vegas business community.

For more information about the Las Vegas Executive Association and its initiatives, please visit or contact Deana Linderholm, the Executive Director of LVEA, at 702-870-6100 or

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