LeoLabs to Advance National Space Traffic Coordination System for NOAA

LeoLabs, a leading provider of space monitoring solutions, has announced a second Consolidated Pathfinder order from NOAA’s Office of Space Commerce. This order will further support the development of the US Traffic Coordination System for Space (TraCSS), a key initiative to enhance space safety and security.

LeoLabs will continue to provide orbital data and technical expertise to inform the development of TraCSS, as the live data collection period of the pathfinder project is extended. This extension will allow for additional opportunities to improve performance and validate metrics, leveraging LeoLabs’ expertise and the largest commercial dataset in the industry.

According to LeoLabs CEO Tony Frazier, this announcement marks a significant step towards ensuring the U.S. Traffic Coordination System for Space meets the safety needs of the growing space economy. By delivering commercial expertise, data, and services to this effort, LeoLabs is contributing to the rapid deployment of a civil space traffic coordination system.

The Pathfinder projects, including the Consolidated Pathfinder, play a crucial role in exploring how commercial Space Situational Awareness capabilities can be integrated into TraCSS. This progress aligns with Space Policy Directive-3 (SPD-3), which mandates the development of a national Space Traffic Management service managed by a civil government agency.

LeoLabs’ global radar network and AI-enabled data analytics platform enable the collection of millions of measurements per day, providing valuable insights into orbital traffic. This technology helps commercial satellite operators, launch providers, and government agencies protect and defend their assets in space.

By working closely with government agencies like NOAA’s Office of Space Commerce, LeoLabs is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions to enhance space safety and security. The company’s ongoing support for TraCSS underscores its commitment to advancing the space industry and promoting collaboration between public and private sectors.

For more information about LeoLabs and its integrated space monitoring solutions, visit http://www.leolabs.space.

SOURCE LeoLabs, Inc.

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