License Agreement for Novel Anti-Glycan Antibodies for Cancer Therapy

GlycoNex, a leading biotechnology company based in New Taipei City, Taiwan, has recently entered into a collaboration with PrecisemAb to develop innovative cancer drugs that target tumor-specific glycans. This partnership aims to improve the specificity and efficacy of anti-glycan antibodies while minimizing side effects associated with off-site binding to healthy tissues.

The key technology being utilized in this collaboration is PrecisemAb’s Universal Antibody Lock (UAL) platform, which modifies antibodies to remain inactive until activated by tumor proteases within the tumor microenvironment. By integrating UAL into GlycoNex’s antibody platform, the companies hope to achieve precise targeting of tumor cells while reducing side effects on normal tissues.

Dr. Mei-Chun Yang, CEO of GlycoNex, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration, emphasizing the potential of developing drugs that can selectively target and kill tumor cells while minimizing off-target effects. The goal is to enhance patient quality of life by improving the safety and tolerability of cancer treatments.

Dr. Yun-Chu Lu, Chairman of PrecisemAb, recognized the value of partnering with GlycoNex, a renowned glyco-biotech company, to advance cancer treatments with anti-glycan antibodies. The Universal Antibody Lock technology, invented by Professor Tain-Lu Cheng’s team and exclusively licensed to PrecisemAb, has the potential to revolutionize the field of monoclonal antibody drugs and enhance treatment outcomes.

GlycoNex, with its 20 years of expertise in glycan research and cancer drug development, is currently conducting international clinical trials for its lead program, GNX-102. This humanized monoclonal antibody has shown promising results in targeting tumor-associated glycans while maintaining excellent safety profiles in clinical trials.

In addition to GNX-102, GlycoNex is advancing a portfolio of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) that specifically target cancer cells while sparing healthy tissues. The company’s commitment to developing glycan-directed cancer immunotherapies underscores its dedication to providing innovative and effective treatments for patients.

For more information about GlycoNex and its advancements in cancer drug development, visit their website at http://www.glyconex.com.tw. Stay updated on the latest news and developments by following GlycoNex on social media.

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