Lion City Rally at Global Data Center Summit 2024: A Smart Computing Future

The Global Data Center Facility Summit 2024, held in Singapore on May 17, 2024, focused on the theme “Propelling the Digital Era” and brought together over 600 leaders from the data center industry, technical experts, and ecosystem partners. The summit provided a platform to discuss new trends and opportunities in the global data center industry in the era of intelligent computing.

As artificial intelligence continues to drive innovation, the industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, with projections of over 100 GW of global data center installed capacity exceeding $600 billion in the next five years. Charles Yang, senior vice president of Huawei and president of marketing, sales, and services of Huawei Digital Power, highlighted the challenges facing the data center industry, particularly the importance of reliability and electricity as data centers scale from megawatts to gigawatts.

Huawei is at the forefront of propelling the digital era forward by offering E2E data center solutions that prioritize rapid deployment, flexible cooling, green energy, and maximum reliability. Their modular and prefabricated data centers ensure high quality and efficiency, while innovative cooling architectures and green energy solutions support the demands of intelligent computing.

In a speech at the summit, Sun Xiaofeng, president of Huawei Data Center Facility and Critical Power Business, emphasized the importance of building a comprehensive ecosystem to support the future of intelligent computing. Huawei’s global service network spans over 170 countries, with round-the-clock technical support and one-hour service radius for customers, ensuring maximum reliability.

Working closely with ecosystem partners, Huawei introduced scenario-based solutions for data centers of all sizes and showcased the Outdoor PowerPOD, an exhibition vehicle that offers one power system per container, outdoor deployment, plug-and-play technology, and high levels of protection and reliability.

The white paper released by Huawei and the ASEAN Energy Center on “Building a Next-Generation Data Center Facility in ASEAN” provides insights into the current status, challenges, and trends of data centers in the region. The paper emphasizes the importance of efficient and energy-efficient solutions and proposes forward-looking policy recommendations for data center markets.

As Huawei continues to drive innovation and facilitate the adoption of artificial intelligence in the industry, they remain committed to helping customers build reliable computing infrastructure and accelerate the digital era forward. By leveraging partner ecosystems and creating transformational solutions, Huawei aims to shape the future of intelligent computing.

For more information and updates from the Global Data Center Facility Summit 2024, visit the official website.

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