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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Major Expansion for ‘Monster High’ Franchise

Universal Studios and Mattel Films have teamed up with producer Akiva Goldsman for the development of a Monster High movie, based on the popular dolls. Goldsman, known for his work on projects like Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, is excited about the upcoming project. Mattel Films president Robbie Brenner also emphasized the importance of the message behind Monster High, encouraging audiences to embrace their unique selves. Goldsman is a seasoned producer, writer, and director with an Academy Award under his belt, making him a standout choice for this project. He is also working on another Mattel Films project starring Tom Hanks. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting production.

Akiva Goldsman’s involvement in the Monster High movie adds an exciting dimension to the project, given his track record with successful franchises like Star Trek. The movie, set to be produced under Goldsman’s Weed Road banner, promises to bring the iconic dolls to life in a big way. With the backing of Universal Pictures, fans can expect a quality production that stays true to the essence of the Monster High brand. Goldsman’s enthusiasm for the project, fueled by his personal connection to the dolls through his daughters, bodes well for the film’s success. For more updates on the Monster High movie and Goldsman’s other projects, keep an eye on Collider for the latest news.

With the Monster High movie in development, fans of the dolls can look forward to a cinematic experience that celebrates individuality and self-acceptance. Akiva Goldsman’s involvement in the project, combined with his impressive track record in the entertainment industry, sets high expectations for the film. Mattel Films’ collaboration with Universal Pictures promises to bring a fresh perspective to the beloved dolls’ story, resonating with audiences worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project, and catch up on Goldsman’s other work, including the acclaimed series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, available on Paramount+.

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