MapUp Launches Partner Program

MapUp, a leading Silicon Valley tech innovator specializing in AI-powered, GPS-based toll solutions, has officially launched its MapUp Partner Program. This program allows partners to seamlessly integrate MapUp’s products into their fleet management offerings, providing customers with a unified toll solution accessible through a single portal. With three tiers – Emerging, Strategic, and Premier – partners can engage at various levels and access different benefits.

One of the premier partners of MapUp, BlackBerry Radar, recognizes the game-changing potential of this partnership. By combining MapUp’s AI technology with BlackBerry Radar’s asset tracking telematics data, real-time toll information can be supported, accurate invoices generated, and the toll management process automated. This collaboration sets a new standard for toll management in the industry, enhancing cost reduction, profitability, and operational focus for fleet customers.

Furthermore, the MapUp Partner Program offers benefits to both partners and customers. Through automated third-party integrations with certified telematics providers, TMS providers, fuel payment processors, and connected vehicle payment providers, customers gain visibility into their toll spend, identify savings opportunities, and experience faster and more accurate toll payments and billing. These advancements lead to reduced costs, improved cash flow, and streamlined operations for all involved.

Katie Mahlawat, founder and CEO of MapUp, emphasizes the importance of strategic partnerships in transforming the tolling experience for fleets globally. The Partner Program reflects MapUp’s commitment to customer-centric solutions and the development of innovative toll payment, billing, and reimbursement offerings through collaboration with diverse perspectives and technologies.

Existing partners will seamlessly transition into the program, while new partners are encouraged to join and benefit from this unique opportunity. To learn more about the MapUp Partner Program or to apply, visit https://www.mapup.ai/partners. MapUp operates in over 90 countries worldwide, offering solutions such as TollGuru® for pre-trip toll intelligence, TollTally™ for real-time toll billing, TollPay™ for automated toll payments, and TollMatch™ for post-trip toll reconciliation.

For media inquiries or further information, contact Lisa Warner at [email protected] or (510) 766-0570. Stay updated on MapUp’s latest innovations and solutions by visiting their website. Join MapUp in revolutionizing toll management for fleets around the globe.

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