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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Meijer helps SNAP recipients access healthy foods

Midwest Meijer, a renowned retailer, has taken a step towards expanding access to healthy foods by now accepting Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits on its Meijer app. This new payment option allows SNAP participants to conveniently pay for groceries like fresh produce and milk using an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. It comes at the perfect time as families in the Midwest are receiving $40 per month in summer EBT benefits for every SNAP-eligible school-age child.

Calli Schmid, the vice president of food at Meijer, expressed the company’s commitment to serving families by providing more choices and flexibility for SNAP participants. In addition to accepting SNAP benefits on the Meijer app, the retailer has introduced various initiatives to promote healthy eating, such as discounts on dairy products and fruits and vegetables, as well as partnerships to encourage the purchase of milk as part of a healthy diet.

Meijer is also offering Home Delivery services and accepting SNAP benefits for Meijer Pickup and Home Delivery orders, making it easier for customers to access healthy foods. Furthermore, the retailer has partnered with the Flashfood app to offer deep discounts on surplus and close-dated food items to SNAP participants.

With the Meijer app, SNAP participants can now choose from over 100,000 items, including produce, meat, dairy, and staples, and pay for them using their EBT card digitally or in-store. The app is available for free on iOS and Android devices, and customers can link their EBT card to their Meijer account online or at any Meijer Customer Service counter.

Meijer, a family-owned retail business, operates more than 500 supercenters, grocery stores, neighborhood markets, and express locations in the Midwest. Their aim is to provide customers with an enjoyable and easy shopping experience both in-store and online, offering a variety of fresh foods, high-quality clothing, basic necessities, and health and well-being products and services.

In conclusion, Meijer’s acceptance of SNAP benefits on its Meijer app is a significant step towards making healthy foods more accessible to everyone. By offering discounts, partnerships, and convenient payment options, the retailer is committed to promoting healthy eating habits and empowering its communities. For more information about Meijer, visit

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