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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

New Cold Sore Treatment Helocaine® Launched by Pagari Life Science Corp.

Pagari Life Science Corporation has introduced a groundbreaking new product called Helocaine® that is changing the game in cold sore treatment. This innovative product utilizes a novel platform that not only treats cold sores but also provides relief from the pain associated with them. Customers who have tried Helocaine® are raving about the fantastic results they have experienced, thanks to its superior formula that delivers rapid cold sore relief and pain control.

David Feldker, the President and CEO of Pagari Life Science Corp, expressed his gratitude to the pre-sale customers for their overwhelming response to Helocaine®. This product is just the beginning of Pagari Life Science’s plans to launch a series of products targeting various forms of the Herpes virus and wound care. Helocaine® is proudly made in the USA and is now available for purchase on

Pagari Life Science is committed to bringing advanced anti-herpetic and healing medications to the market that focus on accelerating healing and managing pain. The company is currently conducting three pre-clinical product studies, both privately and in collaboration with NIH/NIAID, to further their mission of developing innovative treatments for various conditions.

As with any new product launch, there are some risks and uncertainties involved. Pagari Life Science cautions that forward-looking statements in this news release should be considered in light of potential factors that could impact the actual results. However, the positive feedback and results from customers who have tried Helocaine® are a clear indication of its effectiveness and potential to revolutionize the cold sore treatment landscape.

If you are in need of relief from cold sores and the associated pain, Helocaine® may be the solution you have been searching for. Visit to learn more about this game-changing product and to make a purchase. Join the many satisfied customers who have already experienced the benefits of Helocaine® and take control of your cold sore treatment today.

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