New TN adult program for high school completion

Adults in Tennessee who have not completed high school now have the opportunity to earn a diploma for free through the Dekalb County Diploma Completion Program with Graduation Alliance. This online program provides learners with the flexibility to study from anywhere while receiving personalized support from teachers, coaches, and virtual tutors. Graduates not only earn a standard high school diploma but also have the chance to obtain an industry-recognized credential to enhance their employability.

The collaboration between Dekalb County Schools and Graduation Alliance aims to help adult learners achieve their educational goals despite other responsibilities like family and work. Graduation Alliance, a trusted online adult education provider, has successfully assisted over 9,200 adults in obtaining their high school diplomas through similar programs in nine other states. Results from post-graduation surveys show that graduates experienced positive life changes, including better job opportunities, increased earnings, and improved access to employer-provided health insurance.

To qualify for the program, applicants must be Tennessee residents aged 22 and above, have completed some of 10th grade, and have not earned a GED or another high school credential. Regular access to a computer and the internet is also necessary for participation in the program. Interested individuals can find more information and apply at TennesseeDiploma.com.

Dekalb County Schools, located in rural Middle Tennessee, is committed to helping students graduate as responsible citizens prepared for success in the global economy. Graduation Alliance, with a focus on providing resources and support for individuals to achieve their educational and career goals, has been partnering with schools and communities since 2007. Their innovative programs are developed in collaboration with school districts, local governments, nonprofits, workforce development boards, and community colleges.

For more information about Graduation Alliance and the opportunities available through the Dekalb County Diploma Completion Program, visit GraduationAlliance.com. Joanna Alcala, Chief Marketing Officer, can be contacted at 855.486.8555 for any press inquiries.

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