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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Newtown Event Speakers Share Success from Business Mentor

The networking luncheon held at the Robert Taylor Community Center in Newtown on January 22 was a resounding success. Attendees were able to make new connections, catch up with colleagues, and gained valuable insights into the importance of having a business mentor. Sponsored by SCORE Manasota and BayFirst Financial, the event aimed to contribute to the economic development of entrepreneurs in the area.

The speakers at the event included Mary Butler, a local business owner who shared her experiences of launching her own business, Carlos Yancy, Sr., a Business Development Specialist at BayFirst Financial, Vickie Oldham, President of the Sarasota African-American Cultural Coalition, Inc., and Renee Gilmore, Executive Producer at WWSB. Each speaker provided valuable insights and expertise on the topic of mentorship and entrepreneurship.

Sally Ullman, Vice Chair of SCORE Manasota, expressed her satisfaction with the event, stating that it exceeded her expectations in terms of attendance, interest in SCORE, and the inspiring remarks by the speakers. The emphasis on the value and importance of having a mentor who provides objective advice, coaching without judgment, and shares skills and expertise was a key takeaway from the event, further highlighting SCORE’s commitment to remain connected and available to the residents of Newtown.

For those interested in starting or operating a small business and being matched with a mentor, SCORE Manasota offers a wealth of resources and mentors with experience in various fields such as technology, marketing, accounting, social media, real estate, and start-ups. This personalized mentoring is available free of charge and can be accessed through their website at

SCORE, a nonprofit organization established in 1964, has a long history of helping entrepreneurs start, grow, or successfully exit their businesses. With over 10,000 volunteers providing free expert mentoring, resources, and education in all 50 states and territories, SCORE continues to be a valuable resource for small business owners. Specific information about starting or operating a small business in the community can be found by visiting SCORE Manasota at

While SCORE Manasota receives funding through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration, it is important to note that any opinions, conclusions, and recommendations expressed are solely those of the SCORE Manasota chapter and do not necessarily reflect the views of the SBA.

Overall, the luncheon event proved to be an informative and inspiring occasion, shedding light on the importance of mentorship for entrepreneurs in the Sarasota area. With the support and resources offered by organizations such as SCORE Manasota, aspiring and established business owners have access to invaluable guidance and expertise to help them succeed in their endeavors.

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