Oakton College Teams Up with WriteSea for AI Career Tools for Marginalized Students

Oakton College has recently collaborated with WriteSea, a leader in AI-powered career services, to introduce the “Job Search Genius” tool to high school and first-year college students from historically marginalized communities. This partnership was made possible through a generous grant from the ICCB Trades School Grant program, with a goal to expand AI and career education opportunities.

The Essential Applications of AI Certificate program at Oakton, which launches in fall 2024, aims to provide students with a solid foundation in applied artificial intelligence without the need for coding skills. By integrating AI into early career development, this initiative will offer students at Evanston Township High School access to cutting-edge education and career development tools, free of charge.

WriteSea’s CEO, Brandon Mitchell, expressed his passion for promoting AI education and student success through partnerships like the one with Oakton College. WriteSea’s Job Search Genius tool, which aligns with the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ (NACE) career readiness competencies, will be integrated into Oakton’s curriculum to help students enhance their public profiles and navigate the job market successfully.

The Essential Applications of AI Certificate program at Oakton covers essential areas such as foundational AI principles, ethics, prompt engineering, and no-code machine learning. This curriculum is designed to equip students with practical skills for problem-solving, data-driven decision-making, and ethical considerations in AI applications across various industries.

Through this collaboration, students will have the opportunity to not only learn about AI but also experience its benefits firsthand. The program is focused on inspiring students to pursue careers in fields like AI, where they can have an impact on future developments. The AI Resume Builder, Cover Letter Generator, AI Mock Interview Prep, and AI Salary Negotiation Assistant included in the Job Search Genius tool aim to streamline the job application process and enhance students’ employment prospects.

Students participating in the Essential Applications of AI Certificate program will also have access to paid internships and service learning opportunities, allowing them to apply their knowledge in real-world settings. This hands-on experience is essential for bridging the gap between academic learning and practical application.

Oakton College’s partnership with WriteSea adds them to a growing list of higher education institutions incorporating innovative AI tools into their student experience and workflows. To learn more about WriteSea and their Job Search Genius AI tool, visit their website.

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