OKX Marketplace Now Offers zkLink Nova NFT Trading With Zero Fees

OKX, a leading Web3 technology company, has introduced exciting updates for May 10, 2024. One of the key updates is that the OKX Marketplace now supports zero-fee zkLink Nova NFT trading. Users can now trade all zkLink Nova NFTs on the OKX Marketplace without incurring any fees, making it easier and more cost-effective to engage in NFT transactions.

In addition to supporting zkLink Nova NFTs on the Marketplace, OKX Wallet has also integrated support for zkLink Nova. This brings the total number of mainnets supported by OKX Wallet to over 90, allowing users to explore a wide range of zkLink dApps on platforms like Aqua and NativeX. zkLink Nova is a groundbreaking Layer 3 zkEVM network that enhances interoperability, scalability, and security through zero-knowledge proofs, bridging Ethereum and its Layer 2 Rollups for different use cases.

For more information on these updates, users can visit the OKX Support Center. OKX is a global technology company at the forefront of the Web3 revolution, offering a range of products tailored to both beginners and experts in the crypto space. These products include OKX Wallet, a powerful crypto wallet with support for over 85 blockchains, and the DEX, a decentralized exchange aggregator supporting 400+ other DEXs and 20 bridges across 20 blockchains.

The NFT Marketplace by OKX is a zero-fee platform that provides access to NFT listings from top-tier marketplaces like OpenSea and MagicEden. Furthermore, OKX’s Web3 DeFi platform supports earning and staking on over 70 protocols across more than 10 chains. OKX has established partnerships with prominent brands and athletes, such as Manchester City F.C. and McLaren Formula 1, demonstrating their commitment to innovation and collaboration in the Web3 ecosystem.

As a trailblazer in the industry, OKX recently launched a global brand campaign titled The System Needs a Rewrite, advocating for a new era of self-managed Web3 technology. For those interested in learning more about OKX and their products, the OKX app can be downloaded or the official website visited at okx.com. Join OKX in shaping the future of Web3 technology and exploring new possibilities in the digital landscape.

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