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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

OKX Wallet Now Integrated with Bitrubo

In a groundbreaking move, OKX, a leading Web3 technology company, has integrated Biturbo with the OKX Wallet. Biturbo is a cutting-edge layer 2 solution that brings Ethereum’s smart contracts to the Bitcoin network, offering users access to a wide range of decentralized applications and financial instruments directly on the Bitcoin network. This integration enhances the functionality of Bitcoin, making it an even more appealing option for developers and users alike.

OKX is a global technology company at the forefront of the Web3 revolution. Their suite of products caters to both beginners and experts in the crypto space, including the OKX Wallet, DEX, NFT Marketplace, and Web3 DeFi platform. The OKX Wallet, touted as the world’s most powerful and secure crypto wallet, enables users to access over 80 blockchains and take custody of their own funds. With features like MPC technology for easy wallet recovery and account abstraction-powered Smart Account for seamless transactions across multiple blockchains, OKX Wallet is a game-changer in the crypto wallet space.

In addition to the wallet, OKX offers a DEX aggregator with support for over 300 DEXs and 15 bridges, an NFT Marketplace zero-fee platform for NFT trading, and a robust DeFi platform supporting earning and staking on various protocols across multiple chains. OKX has established partnerships with renowned brands and athletes like Manchester City F.C., McLaren Formula 1, and Olympian Scotty James, highlighting their commitment to innovation and collaboration in the crypto space.

As pioneers in the development of innovative technology products, OKX is driving the Web3 revolution with their recent global brand campaign, “The System Needs a Rewrite,” advocating for a new paradigm led by self-managed Web3 technology. By challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries, OKX is redefining the future of decentralized finance and digital ownership.

To learn more about OKX and their groundbreaking products, visit or download their app today. Join the Web3 revolution with OKX and experience the limitless possibilities of decentralized technologies.

Disclaimer: This article was sourced from OKX and serves to inform readers about their latest integration of Biturbo with the OKX Wallet.

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