OPay Achieves First Profit with 10M Daily Traders

OPay, the prominent Fintech company focused on emerging markets, has achieved a significant milestone by reporting its first monthly profitability. With over 9 million daily active trading users and on the cusp of reaching 10 million, OPay is making waves in the financial technology industry.

Since its establishment in 2019, OPay has been at the forefront of providing cutting-edge payment, digital wallet, and other financial services to customers across Africa and Asia. By harnessing the power of AI and big data, OPay offers innovative solutions that are reshaping the traditional financial landscape. The company’s services currently extend to countries like Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan, and others.

Yahui Zhou, Chairman of OPay, emphasized the company’s mission to enhance financial inclusion through technology. By focusing on key areas like security, data analytics, monetization, and compliance, OPay aims to become a respected and socially valuable Fintech company.

The remarkable growth and performance of OPay in Africa and the Middle East have garnered international recognition. The company’s strategic partnership with Mastercard has expanded digital commerce opportunities for millions, promoting financial inclusion and economic growth. OPay has also attracted investments from top-tier institutions both domestically and internationally, reflecting confidence in its business model.

With a strong foothold in emerging markets, OPay serves over 50 million users and 1 million merchants, with monthly transaction volumes surpassing $12 billion. The company has created 400,000 direct and indirect job opportunities, highlighting its impact on local economies.

As the Fintech industry continues to evolve, a report by BCG and QED Investors predicts significant growth, with Africa emerging as a key player. OPay is poised to expand its presence in countries like Nigeria, Egypt, and Pakistan, while also exploring opportunities in new regions. By aiming to serve 1 billion users and 10 million merchants by 2031, OPay is committed to providing safe, convenient, and inclusive financial services that contribute to the development of digital economies worldwide.

For more information on OPay and its services, visit their official website.

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