Owner of Beacon Resources Retires

Beacon Resources, BRNG, has been providing professional training and development segments for networking meetings for the past eighteen years. The company offers membership-based business meeting forums with experienced industry members, emphasizing relationship building, trust, and rapport.

Owner Bonnie Ausfeld has created and presented training programs for members that have enhanced their professional skill sets. These programs cover a variety of topics and will be included in the Operations Book for the new buyer. Interested parties can request samples of these programs by contacting Bonnie Ausfeld at beaconresources@gmail.com.

In addition to training programs, BRNG meetings provide opportunities for members to present their products and services to improve their customer presentation skills. Members are also encouraged to schedule one-on-one meetings outside of regular meetings to build trust and rapport.

New members receive the book “Business Networking for the Professional” as part of their membership, which provides strategies for business development and generating qualified direct referrals.

With the Owner retiring, BRNG is looking for a qualified buyer with leadership qualities, entrepreneurial spirit, effective presentation skills, and strong communication skills. The sale includes a full Operational Chapter manual, welcome packets for new members, legal documents, and fifty professional development programs.

When BRNG was started as a woman-owned startup, there was little support for women entrepreneurs. The Owner had to demonstrate leadership, integrity, and determination in a male-dominated business environment. Despite the challenges, the past eighteen years have been rewarding, allowing the Owner to help members advance their careers and build lasting relationships.

For more information on purchasing BRNG, interested parties can contact the Owner for details.

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