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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Pinnacle Freight Offers Up to 60% Off Shipping Costs, Providing Relief from Inflation and Soaring Gas Prices

Gas prices and inflation are wreaking havoc on our wallets, causing the cost of everyday items to soar. One major factor contributing to this financial strain is the rising cost of shipping, with the price to ship a pallet across the country doubling since the start of the pandemic.

Thankfully, Pinnacle Freight Brokers, a woman/minority-owned company based in Raleigh, NC, has stepped up to address this issue. This company offers long-haul and expedited shipping services across the U.S., but what sets them apart is their commitment to providing relief from the financial burden of inflated shipping costs.

Traditionally, freight brokers are paid on commission, which can lead to higher costs for the companies doing the shipping. These brokers are incentivized to charge shippers more and pay carriers less. Crystal Mwaura, CEO of Pinnacle Freight Brokers, finds this system unfair and is determined to make a change.

In contrast to the industry standard, Pinnacle Freight Brokers charges a flat rate of $250 per shipment over the agreed-upon carrier rate, resulting in potential cost savings of up to 60 percent for customers. Instead of trying to find the cheapest carriers to maximize profits, Pinnacle Freight Brokers prioritizes transparency and fairness by providing the confirmed carrier rate along with their flat fee.

Mwaura recognizes the hard work and sacrifices of carriers, and believes they deserve fair compensation. By lowering shipping costs, Pinnacle Freight Brokers enables businesses to pass on savings to consumers while also boosting their own bottom line.

To showcase their commitment to fair pricing, Pinnacle Freight Brokers is offering a 30-day trial with no commitment for companies to experience the benefits of their services. This allows businesses to see firsthand the significant savings they can achieve on shipping costs.

In a time when every dollar counts, the efforts of Pinnacle Freight Brokers are making a real difference for businesses and consumers alike. To learn more about Pinnacle Freight Brokers and take advantage of their cost-saving shipping solutions, visit their website or give them a call.

By offering transparent and fair pricing, Pinnacle Freight Brokers is paving the way for a more financially sustainable shipping industry, benefitting both businesses and consumers.

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