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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Pumps For America Sponsors Riley Gaines as Speaker at OKCWRC in Oklahoma City

Nichol Vagrosky, a passionate advocate for women’s rights and the owner of Pumps For America, recently sponsored athlete Riley Gaines to speak at the Oklahoma City Women’s Republican Club’s annual Christmas Luncheon on December 12. The event was dedicated to shedding light on the serious threats women face in sports and everyday life, particularly in terms of safety and rights.

Nichol’s deep commitment to women’s safety and rights drove her to partner with the OKCWRC to address the dangers, abuse, and moral concerns surrounding the presence of men in women’s spaces. Together, they deemed these issues as unacceptable and sought to raise awareness and take action.

As a gesture of appreciation for her participation, Riley Gaines received custom-designed Patriotic shoes from Pumps For America. These shoes symbolize the alliance between the two parties in safeguarding women’s rights and will accompany Riley in her future athletic endeavors. They serve as a powerful testament to the shared dedication to women’s empowerment and safety.

The annual Christmas Luncheon provided an important platform for the discussion of women’s rights and the challenges they face. Nichol Vagrosky’s sponsorship of Riley Gaines demonstrated her unwavering commitment to supporting and advocating for women, particularly in the realm of sports and everyday life.

The event also highlighted the importance of collaboration and alliance-building in the fight for women’s rights. By bringing together organizations like Pumps For America and the OKCWRC, a stronger, more unified front is formed to address the issues and threats faced by women in society.

Overall, the sponsorship of Riley Gaines by Nichol Vagrosky and Pumps For America made a powerful statement about the importance of standing up for women’s safety and rights. It also emphasized the need for ongoing advocacy and action to create a safer and more equitable world for women in all aspects of life.

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