Reveald Unveils Epiphany Validation Engine for AI Cyber Resilience

Reveald Expands Capabilities with Acquisition of rThreat and Launch of Epiphany Validation Engine

In a groundbreaking move, Reveald, a pioneer in Continuous Threat Exposure Management, has acquired rThreat and introduced the Epiphany Validation Engine (EVE) to revolutionize AI-driven cyber resilience. This cutting-edge emulation technology allows security operators to simulate attacker behavior and validate cybersecurity readiness, while providing a comprehensive view of the attack path to identify potential risks.

EVE enhances the CTEM process by enabling users to detect, prioritize, validate, remediate, and mobilize within a single workflow, streamlining collaboration between IT operations and SecOps. By utilizing real-world and custom threats, organizations can now proactively test and strengthen their cyber defenses in a secure environment.

Key features of EVE include automated validation of attack paths, measurement of environmental resilience, assessment of defensive controls, flexible attack framework, and support for live, simulated, and bespoke scenarios. This innovative platform empowers organizations to predict and prevent potential breaches, evaluate system resilience, and check the effectiveness of security measures in real time.

CEO Dan Singer expressed his excitement for the new capabilities, emphasizing Reveald’s commitment to enhancing defensive controls and continuously improving cybersecurity posture. With the Epiphany Validation Engine, organizations can now gain a comprehensive understanding of their risk landscape and take targeted actions to strengthen their security posture.

Reveald is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity technology and helping organizations worldwide defend against evolving threats. For more information about the Epiphany Validation Engine and other innovative solutions, visit http://www.Reveald.com.

About Reveald
Reveald is a leading provider of AI-driven cybersecurity solutions, guiding organizations from reactive to proactive defense. The Epiphany Intelligence Platform™ leverages Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) to empower security teams and prioritize risk mitigation and operational efficiency. With a client-first approach and a focus on innovation, Reveald is committed to helping organizations stay ahead of cyber threats.

For media inquiries, please contact Sabrina Gartland at 310-427-7706.

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