Shelly Smart Control app now in select Audi models

Shelly Group AD, a leading IoT and smart building solutions provider based in Sofia, Bulgaria, has announced the launch of its Shelly Smart Control app for select Audi models. This native version of the app, based on the Android Automotive OS, will be available in the Audi Application Store. Customers will now have access to a range of user-friendly functions for intelligent home automation through their vehicle’s infotainment system.

The integration of the Shelly Smart Control app into the Audi Application Store is a collaboration between Shelly Group, CARIAD (software company of the Volkswagen Group), and Harman Ignite. This partnership allows for seamless access to popular third-party apps within the vehicle’s infotainment system, with regular online updates to keep the apps up to date.

Dimitar Dimitrov, Managing Director and Founder of Shelly Group, expressed excitement about becoming part of Audi’s digital ecosystem, with a focus on enhancing user experience. He emphasized the importance of customer focus and technology leadership in expanding the app’s functionality for Audi users.

Wolfgang Kirsch, Managing Director of Shelly Group, highlighted the significance of integrating technologies across various ecosystems for success. He noted that the fusion of different aspects of life through intelligent technology is becoming increasingly important, with Shelly Group’s solutions already being used in various products and services by well-known partners.

The Shelly Smart Control app’s integration into the Audi Application Store reflects Shelly Group’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet the demands of exclusive and high-performance environments. Audi customers can look forward to a seamless integration of smart home features into their customizable infotainment system, enhancing their overall driving experience.

Overall, the collaboration between Shelly Group and Audi represents a significant step towards integrating advanced technologies into smart vehicles. With a focus on user-friendly functions and seamless integration, the Shelly Smart Control app brings intelligent home automation capabilities to Audi drivers, enhancing convenience and connectivity on the road.

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