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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

SINOTRUK Product Launch Event in Algeria a Success

SINOTRUK, China’s No. 1 Heavy Duty Truck Brand, made a successful launch in Algeria on April 23 at the “New Opportunity, New Starting Point and New Chapter” themed Brand Launch Conference. The event saw a gathering of over 300 attendees, including key officials from SINOTRUK and leading companies in Algeria’s construction, logistics, and transport sectors. The conference showcased 10 major sales models from SINOTRUK, highlighting their strength as a top heavy truck brand in China.

Mr. LAN Junjie, Assistant General Manager of SINOTRUK and CEO of Africa Region, presented SINOTRUK’s profile and development plan for the Algerian market, emphasizing their commitment to establishing a KD factory in Algeria. This move underscores SINOTRUK’s dedication to deepening their presence in the Algerian market. Mr. SALEM SOUIKI, Executive Director of SOFRAMIMEX, highlighted SINOTRUK’s main sales products and their competitive advantage in the Algerian market.

With over 15 years of experience in Algeria, SINOTRUK has secured an import quota of 2,500 vehicles in 2023, making them the sole brand to obtain the import quota for commercial vehicles in that batch. This achievement reflects the high level of trust and recognition that the SINOTRUK brand enjoys in the Algerian market. The successful organization of the launch conference marks a significant milestone for SINOTRUK, signaling a new phase of development in Algeria.

Moving forward, SINOTRUK will collaborate closely with AMOURI to further expand and enhance their presence in the Algerian market, contributing to the country’s development. This strategic partnership underscores SINOTRUK’s commitment to sustainable growth and innovation in Algeria.

For more information on the launch conference and SINOTRUK’s initiatives in Algeria, please visit our website and check out the images from the event below:

– Image 1: [Link to the image]
– Image 2: [Link to the image]

Join us as we embark on a new chapter of growth and success in Algeria with SINOTRUK, China’s No. 1 Heavy Duty Truck Brand.

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