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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Skymizer Launches EdgeThought LLM Accelerator IP for On-Device GenAI

Skymizer, a prominent figure in compiler technology and optimized solutions, has introduced its latest breakthrough in the form of EdgeThought, a software-hardware co-design AI ASIC IP specifically tailored for accelerating Large Language Models (LLMs) at the edge. This cutting-edge innovation, harnessing Skymizer’s advanced compiler technology, sets new industry standards in computation, memory usage, power efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

EdgeThought is engineered to boost the performance of LLM applications across a wide array of edge devices, ranging from IoT devices to automotive systems and AI PCs / AI Edge Servers. By employing a compiler-centric approach to optimize the design of EdgeThought, Skymizer guarantees that these devices can seamlessly operate the latest on-device LLM models, including the cutting-edge Llama3 8B.

The key features of Skymizer’s LLM Accelerator include optimized compiler technology at its core, maximizing hardware utilization and efficiency for superior performance on resource-constrained edge devices. The co-design approach enhances computation and memory efficiency, minimizing latency, maximizing throughput, and reducing memory footprint for faster and more reliable LLM inferencing at the edge. Furthermore, Skymizer’s solution prioritizes power and cost efficiency, significantly reducing power consumption and operational costs associated with deploying advanced AI models.

Moreover, the accelerator is designed to offer scalability and flexibility, supporting various LLM applications, sizes, and performance requirements. It can cater to multiple users with multiple batches, scaling up throughput for power-efficient edge servers, providing unmatched flexibility for device manufacturers and application developers.

Jim Lai, CEO of Skymizer, expressed excitement for this significant milestone, emphasizing that the innovative LLM accelerator redefines edge AI performance, making it more accessible and cost-effective. With a decade of experience in the compiler and virtualization industry, Skymizer brings a wealth of expertise to the development of EdgeThought, a compiler-optimized LLM ASIC IP specifically curated for on-device inferencing tasks, enhancing user experiences and empowering clients.

Skymizer’s EdgeThought IP is now available for licensing, offering seamless integration into existing hardware setups without the need for extensive modifications. The company has already initiated collaborations with top semiconductor firms and device manufacturers to bring this groundbreaking technology to the market.

For more information on Skymizer and its product offerings, visit their website at Dive into the world of efficient, powerful, and cost-effective computing solutions with Skymizer’s cutting-edge innovations in compiler technology and AI optimization.

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