Starbreeze AB (publ) Q1 2024 Interim Report

Starbreeze AB, a leading global game developer, has announced the results of the first quarter of 2024. With a focus on the popular game franchise PAYDAY™, the company saw a significant increase in net sales, with PAYDAY 3 accounting for a substantial portion of the revenue. The introduction of ‘Operation Medic Bag’ has brought new updates and improvements to the game, based on feedback from the player community.

The quarter also saw the release of new content updates for other games under the Starbreeze umbrella, such as Roboquest and The Tribe Must Survive. These games continue to receive positive feedback and are set to launch further updates throughout the year.

Starbreeze’s CEO, Jürgen Goeldner, highlighted the success of ‘Operation Medic Bag’ and the company’s strong financial position with a cash balance of SEK 387 million. With a focus on improving PAYDAY 3 and developing new projects like Project Baxter, Starbreeze remains committed to expanding its portfolio and engaging with players worldwide.

In addition to game development, Starbreeze also focuses on third-party publishing, with partnerships to enhance the quality and potential of projects like Roboquest. The company continues to seek new opportunities for collaboration and growth in the gaming industry.

As Starbreeze moves forward, the search for a permanent CEO is nearing completion, with a focus on finding the right leader to drive the company’s future success. With exciting updates planned for the summer and beyond, Starbreeze looks forward to continued growth and innovation in the gaming market.

For more information on Starbreeze AB and their latest updates, visit their website at http://www.starbreeze.com or corporate.starbreeze.com. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements and developments from this dynamic game developer.

(Source: Starbreeze AB)

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