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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Strength, Resilience, and Evolution in Design

RoboUP, a leading innovator of robot lawn care solutions, proudly announces the introduction of Rhino 1, a groundbreaking mower that aims to revolutionize lawn care. It is the result of extensive user feedback and innovative advancements in design and functionality.

Rhino 1 was developed as a powerful response to the valuable insights of our user community, offering flexibility and superior mowing performance. The product naming process began in March 2023 and extended over six months, with the spirit of Rhino incorporated into every feature.

During the decision-making process, various name suggestions were reviewed, including Guardian, Leo, Leopard, i-Mower, and Autonav. Ultimately, the choice fell on Rhino, which embodies strength, agility, and a friendly spirit. More than just a name, Rhino is a statement that symbolizes a robust and reliable companion that users can trust.

The exterior design of Rhino 1 is reminiscent of a car and is not just a shell, but a shield that withstands the elements. With its agile AWD maneuvering, Rhino 1 navigates effortlessly and offers unbeatable precision in every mowing operation. The mowing disc, which reflects the precision of a rhinoceros horn, ensures a precisely trimmed lawn.

Users’ feedback is the foundation of our innovations. The Rhino 1 meets a wide range of garden needs and offers robust driving and mowing functions to tackle slopes, rough, and uneven terrain. For users with extensive lawns, the Rhino 1 features a larger battery and fast charging functions to avoid downtime and increase efficiency. The intuitive app, developed for users with multiple lawn zones, allows for easy planning and customization for different zones, delivering a seamless user experience.

Learn more about Rhino 1 and RoboUP’s other innovative solutions at For the latest updates, please visit the official RoboUP website. Check out the photo of the RoboUP Rhino 1 robot mower at

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