Study to unravel molecular mysteries of pediatric IBD launched

A new clinical trial in Seattle offers hope for children diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) by utilizing deep molecular profiling to revolutionize treatment approaches. The Seattle STRIDE study, a collaboration between Seattle Children’s Research Institute and the Allen Institute for Immunology, seeks to enroll 200 volunteers and track their progress over three years.

IBD is a complex disease that affects the digestive tract, and current treatments often fall short for pediatric patients. The study aims to uncover the molecular mechanisms underlying IBD, providing a deeper understanding of the disease and potentially leading to more personalized treatment strategies. This approach could help in identifying new drug targets and improving patient outcomes.

Led by Betty Zheng, MD, the principal investigator of the study, the research team will employ advanced genomic tools to analyze immune system behavior in IBD patients over time and in response to various treatments. By examining tissue samples at a molecular level, the scientists hope to unravel previously unknown pathways of inflammation and develop more effective therapies.

The Allen Institute for Immunology, known for its cutting-edge technologies and research excellence, is instrumental in providing the tools necessary for the study’s success. Through the deployment of advanced techniques, the researchers can identify immune cells and molecules within patient tissues, offering valuable insights into disease progression and treatment responses.

Ultimately, the goal of the Seattle STRIDE study is to improve the lives of children suffering from IBD by advancing our understanding of the disease at a molecular level. Families interested in participating in the trial can learn more about enrollment opportunities and the study’s objectives.

The Allen Institute, an independent nonprofit research organization founded by the late Paul G. Allen, is dedicated to tackling significant challenges in bioscience and accelerating research globally. With a commitment to open science and innovation, the Institute leads groundbreaking research initiatives in various fields, including immunology, brain science, cell biology, and neural dynamics.

For more information about the Allen Institute and its research programs, visit alleninstitute.org. Media inquiries can be directed to Peter Kim, Senior Manager of Media Relations, at 206-605-9884.

By supporting initiatives like the Seattle STRIDE study, the Allen Institute continues to make a meaningful impact on patients’ lives and advance scientific knowledge in the field of immunology. Join us in our mission to transform healthcare through innovative research and personalized treatment approaches.

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