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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Sun Bum’s Mega Beach Hangout Raises SPF Awareness in Miami

Welcome to the sun-soaked world of Sun Bum! With a mission to educate, protect, and empower people to enjoy the sun safely, Sun Bum recently made a splash in Miami with its largest beach hangout yet. This event brought together over 2000 Miami locals eager to learn about sun safety and enjoy a fun day at South Beach.

At the heart of the event was the ‘Five S’s of Sun Safety’: sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hat, shade, and sleeves. This framework provided guests with essential information on staying fully protected from harmful UV rays. Sun Bum’s Sun Safety Ambassadors were on hand to distribute free-flowing SPF, along with valuable information, resources, and tips on sun care and safety.

As part of the Just Use Sunscreen campaign, Sun Bum has been actively promoting skin cancer awareness through various initiatives, including partnerships with the Skin Cancer Foundation and local events offering free education and SPF. The brand has also been leveraging social media channels and working with dermatology experts to spread awareness.

Evan Slater, CMO at Sun Bum, expressed the brand’s commitment to protecting people from the harmful effects of excessive sun exposure. By giving out tens of thousands of free samples of SPF and engaging with communities across the country, Sun Bum is dedicated to providing SPF awareness and products to all sun lovers.

To further extend its reach, Sun Bum has created a Spotify playlist featuring music from the Miami Beach event, allowing fans at home to immerse themselves in the vibes and prepare for upcoming beach hangouts. To explore Sun Bum’s range of sun protection products and learn more about sun safety, visit

Founded in Cocoa Beach, Florida, Sun Bum is a lifestyle company that offers premium sun care, hair care, lip care, and baby care products. Despite its rapid growth and widespread availability, Sun Bum remains true to its roots, creating products that reflect the essence of its beach community. The brand’s dedication to quality, education, and sun protection continues to resonate with consumers worldwide.

Join Sun Bum in the mission to enjoy the sun responsibly and protect your skin from harmful UV exposure. Visit to explore the full range of products and start your journey to sun safety today.

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