SUPCON 2024 Global Product Launch in Singapore

SUPCON Global Product Launch Conference 2024 took place in Singapore, showcasing two innovative products that are set to revolutionize the manufacturing industry.

Chairman and President of SUPCON, Cui Shan, delivered a compelling speech on “Engaging AI for Smarter Industry,” highlighting the company’s cutting-edge developments and advancements in industrial artificial intelligence. SUPCON has introduced a top architecture of intelligent operations and a modern technological system to support sustainable growth in industry.

During the conference, Vice President Mercy Zhang unveiled the universal control system UCS, which features a minimalist cloud-network-edge architecture and software-defined technology, leading to significant cost savings and improved efficiencies in automation. Dr. Wenyue Ding introduced the time-series model TPT, showcasing its multifunctionality, universality, and reliability in various industrial applications.

The event was attended by industry experts and representatives from leading enterprises, academic associations, and multinational organizations from around the world. Notable speakers included President of the Singapore-China Business Association and Executive Chairman of the China-ASEAN Science and Technology Cooperation Committee, who congratulated SUPCON on its innovative products and commitment to digital transformation in the manufacturing industry.

With a focus on key topics such as artificial intelligence in industry, big data, and cloud services, the conference provided valuable insights into the latest product technologies and applications in manufacturing. The participants appreciated SUPCON’s dedication to pioneering innovations and shaping the future of the industry through automation and digital transformation.

SUPCON is leading the way in industrial artificial intelligence and is poised to collaborate with global partners to drive the industry forward. To learn more about SUPCON’s groundbreaking products and advancements in the manufacturing sector, visit their website today.

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