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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Teams Celebrate End of Seasons at The Summit and Dance Summit Champs

The 2024 Summit Championship, Dance Summit, and D2 Summit Championships recently took place in Orlando, FL, marking the 10th anniversary of the event. This year saw a record-setting number of participants, with over 40,000 athletes and coaches from 16 countries competing in the three events. The Dance Summit, in particular, was celebrated for its prestige and the incredible talent displayed by the dancers.

The championships provided a platform for the best All Star cheer and dance teams to come together and showcase their skills. Athletes earned bids throughout the regular season to qualify for the Summit Championships, where they competed against the top teams in the world. The events were broadcasted live on ESPN platforms, allowing a wide audience to witness the talent on display.

One highlight of the championships was the presentation of The Varsity Pinnacle Award, which recognizes athletes who embody qualities such as teamwork, dedication, confidence, and leadership. This year’s recipients included Catie Tran from No Limits Dance in Omaha, Nebraska, Taylor Shedlin from Zone Cheer Lady Liberty in Ponte Vedra, Florida, and Georgia Shayesteh from Turners All-Star in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Fans who missed the live championships can still catch the action on Varsity TV, a website dedicated to exclusive coverage of Varsity Spirit cheer and dance competitions. Videos of the routines are available for viewing, and full results listings are also posted on the site. Air dates for televised championship programming can be found on

Varsity Spirit, the organization behind the championships, has been a leader in cheerleading, dance team, and band apparel, camps, and competitions for years. With a focus on safety, entertainment, and school leadership, Varsity Spirit has impacted over a million athletes annually. For more information about Varsity Spirit and Varsity Brands, visit or to explore the wide range of customizable services and products they offer.

Varsity Brands is dedicated to positively impacting the lives of young people across the country through customizable team sports, cheer, dance, band, and yearbook services. With a mission to elevate the student experience and foster passion, enthusiasm, and community engagement, Varsity Brands continues to shape the future of youth engagement.

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