The Walking Dead Creator Acknowledges Major Plot Gap

Fans of The Walking Dead franchise were recently treated to some additional insight into the series from creator Robert Kirkman himself. In a response to a fan question about the characters’ hygiene habits, Kirkman admitted that the series has neglected to clarify whether Rick and the gang actually use toilet paper. This revelation has sparked discussion among fans about the characters’ hygiene practices during a zombie apocalypse.

While the lack of clarification on this detail may seem like a major plot hole to some, Kirkman explained that the focus of The Walking Dead is on portraying realistic human reactions to extreme circumstances rather than getting caught up in minor details. This approach allows fans to create their own interpretations of how the characters handle hygiene in a post-apocalyptic world.

Despite the lack of clarity on this issue, fans continue to be engaged with the series and its characters. The Walking Dead Deluxe #87, which features a full-color version of the original black and white issue, is now available to provide fans with even more content from Kirkman and artist Charlie Adlard.

Overall, while the question of toilet paper usage may remain unanswered in The Walking Dead, it serves as a reminder of the series’ focus on realism and human nature. Fans can enjoy the freedom of interpreting the characters’ hygiene habits for themselves, adding an extra layer of engagement to the beloved franchise.

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