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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Toyota Motor NA introduces revamped management framework

Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) has announced exciting executive leadership changes aimed at driving growth, advancing vehicle electrification, and preparing for the future of mobility. Jack Hollis and Chris Reynolds will be taking on new roles within the company to support these initiatives under the leadership of Ted Ogawa, CEO of TMNA.

Jack Hollis, previously the Executive Vice President of TMNA, will now serve as the Chief Operating Officer of TMNA. In this new role, Hollis will oversee Sales, Marketing, TRD, Product Planning, Customer Service, as well as Manufacturing, Product Support, and Demand and Supply. This restructuring aims to create a more efficient hierarchy focused on enhancing the consumer experience, operational efficiency, revenue generation, and vehicle manufacturing.

Chris Reynolds, another Executive Vice President of TMNA, has been appointed as the Chief Strategy Officer of TMNA. He will be in charge of Business Strategy and Development, Human Resources, Information Technology, Connected Technologies, Legal Department, Diversity, Innovation, Social Inclusion, Sustainability, Regulatory Affairs, Research and Development. Reynolds will work on developing long-term growth strategies and promoting innovation to improve vehicular mobility and reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Toyota, a key player in the North American automotive industry for over 65 years, is dedicated to promoting sustainable mobility through its Toyota and Lexus brands and vast dealership network. The company directly employs over 63,000 people in North America and has produced nearly 47 million cars and trucks at 13 manufacturing plants. By 2025, Toyota will open its 14th manufacturing plant in North Carolina to produce batteries for electric vehicles. With 27 electrified vehicle options currently available, Toyota leads the market in electrified vehicles.

For more information about Toyota and its commitment to sustainable mobility, visit Stay updated on the latest news and innovations from Toyota by visiting their website.

Toyota’s mission is to drive continued growth, advance vehicle electrification, and prepare for the future of mobility through strategic executive leadership changes. The company is dedicated to promoting sustainable mobility and reducing its carbon footprint, while continuing to provide innovative and reliable vehicles for consumers. Join Toyota on this exciting journey towards a more sustainable future!

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