Trident Global Holdings Acquires Three Rare Earth Element Mines in Vietnam

Trident Global Holdings, a Korea-based conglomerate, recently acquired rights to three significant rare earth element mines in Vietnam, marking a milestone in overseas investments in the rare earth mining sector. In partnership with Hung Hai Group, Trident will develop and process these mines, contributing to the growing demand for rare earth elements in industries such as electronics, medical, chemical, and defense.

The Bac Nam Xe and Nam Nam Xe mines, located in Lao Cai Province, boast impressive reserves of rare earth minerals, with plans for extensive development and exploration. Meanwhile, the Dong Pao mine, in which Hung Hai Group has a stake, is being developed by the Lai Chau Rare Earth Joint Stock Company, with estimated reserves of approximately 1.5 million tons. The value of these rare earth deposits is projected to increase significantly, highlighting the strategic importance of this partnership.

This collaboration between Trident and Hung Hai Group aims to establish a comprehensive value chain that goes beyond mining to include refining, smelting, processing, and distribution of final products. In addition, Trident is committed to sustainability, aiming to develop and implement environmentally responsible technologies for rare earth extraction and processing.

According to Sam Chi, the American CEO of Trident Global Holdings, this partnership will not only meet the increasing demand for rare earth elements but also contribute to Vietnam’s emergence as a key player in the next generation of technology providers. The materials extracted from these mines are essential for various industries, including electric vehicles, batteries, LCDs, semiconductors, MRI machines, and catalysts.

As the first instance of a Korean company led by an American CEO directly investing in an overseas rare earth mine, this collaboration signifies a significant step towards establishing Vietnam as a leader in the rare earth market. Trident and Hung Hai Group are poised to revolutionize the industry through innovative technologies and sustainable practices, solidifying their position as key players in the global market.

For more information about Trident Global Holdings and its partnership with Hung Hai Group, please contact Charlotte Luer at +1.239.404.6785.

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