Unveiling MRI Advancements at ISMRM 2024

United Imaging is set to showcase its latest advancements in MRI technology at the ISMRM meeting as a Gold sponsor. The company’s exhibit will focus on Ultra-High Field, Ultra-High Gradient, Artificial Intelligence, and Innovation Community, demonstrating its commitment to driving innovation in healthcare.

Leading the showcase is the uMR Jupiter 5T, a whole-body 5T MRI system with FDA clearance. This system expands the capabilities of ultra-high-field MRI beyond the brain and selected joints, offering imaging of the abdomen, heart, pelvis, and more. With superior resolution and signal-to-noise ratio, the uMR Jupiter empowers radiologists to uncover clinical details previously unseen.

United Imaging also introduces SuperFlexFree Coils, designed for enhanced image signal-to-noise ratio and acceleration performance in large joints, the heart, small joints, and delicate structures. The company’s breakthroughs in the Ultra High Gradient category include the uMR Sagitta and uMR NX Frontier, which push the boundaries of magnetic resonance performance and offer significant advances in neuroscience research.

In the Artificial Intelligence section, United Imaging showcases the uAIFI Technology Platform, integrating AI into MRI hardware and software to improve image quality, diagnostic processes, and user-friendliness. This platform includes ACS, an AI-assisted MR acceleration technology for enhanced imaging.

Through partnerships with industry leaders, United Imaging develops the ADEPT platform, providing precise hardware control, application development tools, and support for MRI research. This platform accelerates user development and advances scientific research in MRI.

Attendees at the ISMRM meeting are invited to experience the future of MRI at United Imaging’s booth A18. United Imaging, founded in 2011, is a global leader in advanced medical products and digital healthcare solutions, with a mission of Equal Healthcare for All™. To learn more about United Imaging, visit united-imaging.com or follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter at @UnitedImagingHC.

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