Viatris Introduces Unmind for Mental Health in Wellbeing Program

Viatris Inc., a global healthcare company, has recently launched Unmind as part of its global wellbeing program, Elevate. Unmind is a leading provider of workplace mental health solutions designed by psychologists to help individuals understand and be proactive with their mental health. This new initiative emphasizes Viatris’ commitment to supporting the mental wellbeing of its colleagues and empowering people worldwide to live healthier at every stage of life.

The Elevate program focuses on three key principles: Health, Purpose, and Growth. By prioritizing good nutrition, physical activity, rest, meaningful connections, personal and professional development, and fulfillment, Viatris aims to help colleagues support their overall wellbeing.

In light of the increased rates of common mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is crucial for organizations to address employee engagement and wellbeing. Viatris is dedicated to providing all colleagues with access to mental health resources, including tools like Unmind, which offer free and confidential support to help manage stress, improve sleep, and increase happiness.

Unmind’s approach is science-led, developed in collaboration with experts and clinicians, and tailored to individual goals. The partnership between Unmind and Viatris reflects a shared vision of prioritizing mental health in the workplace, reducing stigma, and promoting open conversations about mental wellbeing.

Viatris has established an Elevate champions network of approximately 300 colleagues around the world who are actively supporting the rollout of Unmind and engaging employees in discussions about mental health. This initiative aligns with Viatris’ mission to create a supportive and healthy work environment for its global team.

To learn more about Viatris’ culture and sustainability efforts, visit the Company’s 2022 Sustainability Report or careers page. For more information about Unmind and their workplace mental health solutions, visit their official website at https://unmind.com/.

Viatris Inc. is committed to empowering people worldwide to live healthier lives through a holistic approach to healthcare, bridging the gap between generics and brands. With a diverse portfolio of medicines and a global supply chain, Viatris is dedicated to addressing healthcare needs at every stage of life. Learn more about Viatris at viatris.com and connect with them on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

Unmind is a leading provider of workplace mental health solutions for global enterprises, offering cutting-edge AI technology and wellbeing science to create measurable performance cultures. Unmind supports the wellbeing strategies of major brands worldwide and provides employees with access to a network of coaches and therapists. Learn more about Unmind and their services on their official website.

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