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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Yuri Galeev from CONSTRUCTO to Appear on the Clicks & Bricks Podcast

Upcoming on the Clicks & Bricks podcast is the CEO and founder of CONSTRUCTO, Yuri Galeev. CONSTRUCTO is a design and building contractor known for simplifying the construction and remodeling process. Galeev recognized the challenges faced by people looking to build or remodel their homes, particularly in obtaining the necessary plans and permits for their projects. He believes that this obstacle should not hinder a home-building or renovation project that meets all technical, design, legal, and safety guidelines.

To address this issue, Galeev established CONSTRUCTO with the goal of not only providing design and technical assistance but also streamlining the paperwork process for their clients. The team at CONSTRUCTO works to secure all required approvals efficiently and ensure that all project files comply with state and local codes.

Galeev attributes the success and rapid growth of CONSTRUCTO to the speed and quality of their services, as well as their affordable pricing scheme. The company’s noble goal of making a difference in the current housing crisis has also fueled their passion. Galeev’s plans for 2022 involve expanding CONSTRUCTO’s presence in other states and seeking investments to further scale their operations.

CONSTRUCTO is comprised of a team of seasoned architectural drafters, designers, and engineers who work together to make the pre-construction and permitting process faster, more efficient, and affordable for everyone. With this focus on housing, the upcoming Clicks & Bricks podcast episode featuring Galeev promises to be an interesting discussion.

About Clicks and Bricks: The Clicks and Bricks podcast, hosted by Ken Cox in St. Louis, showcases small to midsize companies and their products and services from across the US. Ken is known for his forward-thinking, technology-driven approach, and the podcast seeks to spotlight growing companies and gain insights into the technology that has worked best for them.

For more information, please contact Hostirian at 800-615-9349 or visit their website at

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