Zenity’s Advanced Security for Copilot in Microsoft 365

Zenity is revolutionizing how enterprises can safely harness the power of AI productivity with its latest announcement of securing Copilot for Microsoft 365. By introducing a dedicated AI Security Posture Management solution, Zenity is enabling businesses to take full advantage of AI capabilities while maintaining a high level of security governance.

Microsoft reports that users of Copilot for Microsoft 365 see a significant increase in productivity, thanks to features like automating repetitive tasks and summarizing meeting notes. However, the use of third-party services and plugins is essential for many business workflows that go beyond the capabilities of Microsoft 365 apps and data formats.

With Zenity’s new capabilities, businesses can now integrate and develop plugins for Copilot to connect to various systems and data sources, customizing the AI experience for their specific needs. However, this increased connectivity also brings about potential risks of data leakage and security vulnerabilities, such as DLP gaps, prompt injection attacks, and unapproved data access.

Zenity’s security governance platform provides users with enhanced visibility into the plugins being used, who is interacting with them, and the associated risks. By conducting risk assessments, Zenity helps businesses identify and mitigate security threats related to excessive permissions, sensitive data access, and unsecure plugins from the Microsoft store.

Ben Kliger, CEO of Zenity, emphasizes the importance of extending the use of Generative AI Copilots in a secure manner to drive business growth without compromising security. With Zenity’s automated playbooks and mitigation actions, CIOs and CISOs can confidently leverage AI capabilities to enhance productivity while ensuring a secure environment for all users.

Established in 2021, Zenity has become a trusted partner for organizations looking to protect themselves from security threats, maintain compliance, and drive business continuity through AI and low-code development. By continuously scanning all connected platforms and providing centralized visibility, risk assessment, and governance, Zenity is leading the way in AI security governance.

For more information about Zenity and its innovative security solutions for AI development, visit their website or connect with them on social media. With Zenity, enterprises can safely embrace the productivity surge enabled by AI technologies while maintaining robust security measures.

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